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Mo’ Money, What Problems

I know , I know. The saying goes “mo’ money, mo’ problems”. However, what problems did you want the money to solve. Sure more money can take some worry away from paying bills, buying groceries, and even picking up a little extra something from your favorite store.

The problems that I usually come across are not rooted in money. Not finishing projects on time; time management. Incurring debt; immature purchases. Bad relationships; miscommunication. All problems that money can’t solve.

So don’t mind me, but drop the money off to me. Learn problem solving skills even if you only have $0.50 to your name. Surround yourself with people that encourage your success, not piggyback it. Create a lifestyle that money will compliment and where money will multiply.

Mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money,

Coffe’ Iman

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