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A New Series for Coffea

But First, Coffea is a sit down one-on-one interview show with the owner of Coffea magazine, Coffe’ Summers. Based around the vibes of a coffeeshop and experiences of life lessons we all go through to reach our goals, she takes a deep dive into the journey and the impact each guest has created for themselves. Join her for every half hour episode and get to know another side of each of her guests.

In preparation for this show we have reached out to some amazing people and have decided to give you a few episodes virtually. Our first guest was Jazlyn Martin. Los Angeles native Jazlyn Martin is a triple threat, professional dancer, classically trained singer and musician. Peacock’s new hit show “Bel-Air” welcomes Jazlyn to the cast as “Jackie." Now approved for a third season, we can't wait to see what unfolds.

If you need to catch up, visit us at .

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