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Vacation or Nah?

As the Summer begins, raise your hand in vacations or an option for you. There are many factors that overwhelm us into believing that work is a priority. It seems as if we are fearful and taking a break will destroy our business. If that is the case, take this into consideration.

A. Hire Help.

Taking a break is necessary. Shut up! Taking a break is necessary! Build your schedule around your employees and/or consider hiring help. Figure out how much time is needed for you to gather your thoughts and reenergize yourself. Is it one week? One month? This help can be seasonal and created to take care of the basic needs of your company or sort through what is high/low priority.

B. Frequent Short Breaks.

If taking a month off is not an option, improve on managing your time. Take shorter breaks more frequently. Take every Friday off or work only half of the day on Tuesdays. Either way, create breaks for meditation or work-free moments that give you a sense of relaxation.

C. Me-Time

Plan fun activities. Whether you clock-in or are working for yourself, plan a picnic or take a trip to the museum. Do "vacation-like" activities that help you relax. Also considering inviting friends or family, that because of work, you haven't spent much time with. Trust me, it will be worth it.

And the winner is .... Vacation! Erase the fear and enjoy some time off. You won't regret it.

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