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Coffea magazine was initially launched in 2009 by Coffe’ Summers and relaunch in 2018. She hoped to give those highlighted their much earned fifteen minutes of fame.  Most times those recognized are mainstreamed and we tend to constantly see the same people on every cover.  With Coffea she wanted to catch those before the fame and before the main stage in hopes and helping them get their feet in the door. In addition with it being a variation of her name , Coffe' became fascinated to with origin of the word. 


ORIGIN: Coffea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae.  There are over 120 species of Coffea, which is grown from seed.  In other words, coffee trees. Much like the coffea plant, it exemplifies strength and the ability to withstand all severe obstacles. It will produce seeds of knowledge and compassion to create a space for creative minds to interact and socialize.




Coffea is a media and news company dedicated to giving talent a place to grow.  Initially focusing on sharing the lifestyle of growing entrepreneurs, it has expanded from magazines to film and larger forms of media.  We enjoy magnifying the light of others and encouraging others to do the same.  It's the only way we can learn from one another and create stronger foundations.


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