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Often times women are misquoted or our profound statements are misinterpreted. Just speaking from experience but our point of view is often viewed as coming from a place of pain or bitterness. WRONG! I SAID What I SAID! Don’t be fooled by her tears. It is the only preventing her from connecting her five fingers to your face. Don’t be fooled by her silence. She is always thinking of a master plan. Don’t be fooled by the way she minds her business. Being messy is not her style and once she has SAID What SHE SAID, she means it. It’s the confidence about a women that leaves her unapologetic and keeps her on her toes. Sure she may share a few life stories but think long and hard about the experiences that she shares. Are they warnings? or giving you heads up about how an encounter with her will end? Whether it’s at work, at home, in relationships, or friendships never underestimate the strength that you carry. Remember how far you’ve come and take note on how far you have yet to go. Don’t apologize for your confidence. Don’t let anyone, man or women, place limits on what’s for you and what you’re destined to be. Speak life into your dreams at all times. Mean what you say and most importantly say what you mean. Because no matter what context I tell you my truth in, don’t forget “I SAID WHAT I SAID”.

What’s your declaration? Coffe’ Iman

photocred: Clarke Sanders

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