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Top 10 Grooming Tips for Men

Tips by D. Draper

1. Brush your Teeth: I shouldn’t have to say this but I have to. Nobody wants to smell yesterdays hennessey and blunts simmered over a good nights sleep!

2. Take a Shower: Wash yo’ butt boy… Nuff said!

3. Shampoo Hair: At least every 2-3 days. The ladies don’t wanna rub their fingers threw caked up dirt, sweat and wave grease smelling like an unwiped butt!

4. Shower Gel/Body Wash/ Cologne: This helps. It leaves a good and fresh scent on you. And women love to smell a good scent. You’ll get a lot of double takes & conversation.

5. Grooming: Keep a crisp haircut & Shave. Or atleast stay lined and trimmed. Your girl doesn’t want to rub against a sand paper face. Or you don’t wanna get caught with lunch crumbs in your mustache. (HINT: Trim around your genitals too… It even makes it look bigger)

6. Outfit Selection: This doesn’t really require much besides coordination. V-Necks are a fashionable thing. Throw a nice leather or spring  jacket on with some decent denims. Do away with all that unnecessary writing and logos.  Don’t try too hard because we can spot a lame a mile away.

7. Accessories: Stunna Shades, Fly Belt, jewelry is optional. But none of that fake clay stuff. If you don’t have the shine then go with something subtle but fashionable. You can always find some good accessories to compliment your outfit & personality!

8. Shoes: This is the cap on the bottle. Shoe game gotta be up to par. Don’t ever go to the club let alone outside with some dirty shoes on. Unless you doin yard work. You auwta be ashamed of yourself!

9. Lotion: I have to throw this in there cuz there is “NO” and I mean “NO REASON” for a grown man to be ashy! Looking like he got done mixing cement powder! Handle that pimp!

10. Attitude/Confidence: None of these things would be nothing without these confidence behind it. If you ooze swagger and star quality then that’s what’s gonna be attracted to you! Shoot for the best, never settle for less!

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