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This Requires A Little …

Laughing is proven to be good for the soul. It is a dose of required medication that is given to you free of charge. Unfortunately, life throws you lemons… well you know the rest. The moral of any long drawn out story that begins this way is fix your attitude. As women we are required , yes required, to please everyone and keep a great attitude about it. This perspective of course is brutally wrong.

What I mean by fix your attitude however is to not let outside influences control your mood. Fix all that is broken and tends to keep you in a funk about day to day mishaps. Trust me whatever it is could be a lot worse. And whoever you reflect it on could be having a bad day. Be careful with who and how you choose to share your attitude with.

My recommendation is to apply a little laughter. Smile so hard that your cheekbones hurt. 🤣🤣😂😂 Good Luck!! You got this!!

Coffe’ Iman

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