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The Style of An Engineer - Introducing Porsha Key

Porsha Key

Civil Engineer, eBoutique Owner, Stylist, and Fierce Supporter of Women

Building companies and connections is what it is all about. Taking risks is also an important piece. We would like to introduce to you Porsha Key.

Porsha Key is the owner of and curator for LaFemme Rebelle Clothing, a Saint Louis based eBoutique. She is also the creator of The STL Collective; a group of hand-picked Black, female entrepreneurs who are creating the narrative for and changing the perception of women in business. 

A Saint Louis transplant, Porsha grew up in Ann Arbor; a small college town Michigan. Always having a love for fashion, she recalls flipping through Vogue and ELLE magazines while her mother shopped at the grocery store. But, she has always maintained a love for math, science, and technology too. 

Later relocating to Nashville, Tennessee Porsha attended Tennessee State University where she studied Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering. Thrust into HBCU culture at TSU, Porsha noticed how well dressed her campus was; in comparison to the sweats and pajamas worn on the campus at home at Michigan. Porsha observed from her peers in #STEM that you can have a genuine interest in technology and infrastructure and still be passionate about fashion and how you present. It was there at TSU that Porsha decided to be not only an engineer who designs and builds infrastructure but also one who designs and builds up the confidence of women. 

After being recruited to the metropolitan Saint Louis area to begin working as a civil engineer, Porsha decided to follow through on her dream of opening her eBoutique, La Femme Rebelle Clothing. La Femme Rebelle literally translates to 'The Rebellious Woman' and that’s exactly what her brand and the women who shop with her embody. Women that wear her pieces tend to be feminine, free-spirited, and a little bit rebellious in fashion.  Porsha Key is also the creator of The STL Collective--a group of bloggers, influencers, speakers, and business owners. The Collective's goal is to aid in the professional development of Saint Louis based, female entrepreneurs by creating a network of women who host workshops, create opportunities for marketing and branding through social media content creation and #empowerhappyhours for fellowship. The Collective's purpose is to build a collective of women who love and support each other because they truly believe in #communityovercompetition #ironsharpensiron.

We encourage you to support Porsha Key. Her drive, as well as, her ability to create leaves us speechless. In a world full of uncertainty, it helps to be disciplined and remain true to yourself. Porsha Key has proven to be the cream of the crop. She is demonstrating what it means to be a leader while doing it all with style. Website: Facebook and Instagram: @posh_peekay @lafemmerebelleclothing @theSTLcollective

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