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8 Black Children's Book Authors To Support This Year

Brianna Laren

Check out these amazing Black Authors that are empowering children through their words and artistry:

Cherry Charleston Harris

Cherry Charleston Harris was born and raised in Demopolis, Alabama. She is the mother of four and grandmother of six wonderful children. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she has always had a passion for reaching others with her words. Her first book Oma and Me: Oma Comes To Visit shares the joys of a little boy named Ethan when he spends time with his grandmother. Oma and Me: A Trip To The Fire Station is the second in the series with a third releasing this holiday season.

Tameka Hanley

Tameka Hanley is a teacher based in Atlanta who is passionate about giving back to her students. She became a best-selling author in the midst of a pandemic while also pouring into children daily. She inspires others to keep pushing and to always give back. In Tameka's book, Princess of Bel Air, Harlem native Alexa Baldwin’s life turns upside down when her father boots her out of the projects into the bougie streets of Bel Air. Will Alexa be able to stay true to who she is without losing herself? Princess of Bel Air is filled with humor, wit, and a refreshing twist on individuality.

Sherricka Carpenter Stanley

Sherricka is a wife, mother, author, and former educator. She penned the book I Fit In Just Right!: Me and My Family, which encourages children’s curiosity about their family tree. In addition to being an author, she started Wabash To Worthing Publishing, LLC. She also created Next Chapter Bookstore in Greensboro, NC where you can find best sellers and books by local and independent authors side by side.

Henry Benton

Author, Henry Benton, III uses ABC's and HBCU's to encourage literacy while exposing children to amazing Colleges and Universities in his book H is for HBCUs. The book highlights the historic people who attend these institutions and the impact these schools have had on our country. Henry’s book Yes, Dad follows the growing relationship between a boy and his father and highlights the importance, uniqueness, and variations of communication.

Chaundra Scott

Chaundra Scott is a Maryland native with professional roots in social work and education. The birth of her daughter, Aubrey, sparked an interest in becoming a children’s book author. To date, she has self-published Beautiful Shades, Curls & Coils, The All Star, Sweet Dreams, and Dear Daughter. She also started a literature business called Curls and Coils Literary Solutions in 2015. Her company specializes in hosting literary events, freelance writing, writing services, kid accessories, and much more.

Jacquilla Brown

Jacquilla Brown is a proud native of northeastern North Carolina and has a heart for giving. This month she is donating 100 copies of her book, I Love Brown, to teachers and organizations that serve children.

I Love Brown is an adorable story of a child explaining the many reasons why she loves the color brown. This melanin-affirming story encourages children’s self-confidence by celebrating every hue and shade of brown through delightful and age-appropriate messaging.

La-Donia Alford-Jefferies

La-Donia Alford-Jefferies is an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. At a young age, La-Donia was taught the importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities by her mother and father. She has even been attending HBCU Homecomings since the age of 3. She has made it her mission to introduce and educate children of all ages to HBCU culture through her books Homecoming and The HBCU ABCs.

Xavier Whiteside

Xavier started reading when he was only two years old and authored this book at age six. “The Sun is Yellow” is a reading, decoding, and coloring book for beginning readers. Beginning readers will learn to blend sounds, decode, identify color words, read, and trace high-frequency words while enjoying coloring the book as well.


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