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The Filter on Your Facebook Picture is Great but Here’s How to Really Help Paris

Social media is a powerful thing. Showing your support for a cause, an organization, a group of people, etc. on sites like Facebook is great. It unites and keeps people connected. However, there is a lot more that can be done than just tweeting about it or putting a filter on a picture. Anyone can do that.

While most Americans aren’t able to join the French forces or donate blood for people, there are many other ways to help support Paris.

The French Red Cross

Giving support to local organizations that are on the ground in Paris can be beneficial. The French Red Cross posted on their Facebook page that they put out 300 volunteers to help bring relief to victims.

But be aware that donations made go to helping the Red Cross’s relief effort in general. It may not go directly toward relief in Paris.

Donate to them here.

Housing and Shelter efforts

When tragedy struck, people in Paris started using the hashtag #PortOuverte (meaning open door in French) to offer their homes to people who needed a safe place to sleep. This hashtag went worldwide for French citizens who were stranded due to delayed planes.

Americans have been using #StrandedInUS to offer shelter.

Friends of Fondation de France, Inc.

This is a foundation based in the U.S. that supports “France’s leading private charitable institution, the Fondation de France, and its thousands of grantee organizations. FFDF helps American individuals, foundations, and corporations donate to French charities active in social services, health and medical research, culture, sciences and the environment,” according to their website.

Donations can be made specifically to help the relief efforts in Paris and can also be made in honor or in memory of someone.

Donations can be made here.

Restaurants du Coeur

This is a French organization that provides food to those in need. Each donation amount explains how many meals it provides and who it benefits. However, any donation amount is welcome.

€30 provides one meal for someone per day

€90 to ensure a daily meal for someone throughout the winter

€180 to provide meals for a mother and child daily throughout the winter

€529 to help an entire family throughout the winter

Or choose a donation amount

To donate click here.

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