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Take Us With You

Too many times people get caught up in the rush of life.  There used to be a time when you would take down time to catch up on the morning paper and read a best seller off of Oprah’s reading list.  COFFEA is taking it back to basics.  With the structure of our free publication you find yourself with the best of both worlds.  News, you can find it on your phone’s updates and the daily blasts on the internet.  Celebrity gossip, the means for obtaining this info are endless.  Who’s unsigned, undiscovered, leading their community, fighting a cause, or pursuing a dream of running the family business; COFFEA.

I know it seems hard to support a local magazine from someone you probably haven’t met before, however, once you have read a full issue it’s hard to put it down.  We are available in print and online.  Once again we are a free publication.  Can’t wait until you take us with you.

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