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Posted below are just snippets of feature articles that we have had in the past.


Always being a lover of music, Really Doe explains growing up across the street from a dj heavily influenced this.   The DJ would sell him mixtapes of music that hadn’t even been released yet.  Using all his allowance to support his musical habit, he was unaware of how priviledged he was.  It wasn’t until high school that he began freestyling.  He is a lover of all genres of music also and would in the future to be fortunate to work with artists like Gwen Stephani, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Beyonce’.  The release of his debut album First Impressions, is like showing the world his heart.  This new sound is his character, his life, and explains him as an entertainer.  He is the “Real Deal” .  He is Really Doe.


When you are raised as a preacher’s kid, the burden of expectation bestowed upon those labeled PK’s can be overwhelming. For young, gifted and blessed musician, producer

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