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Posted below are just snippets of feature articles that we have had in the past.


Always being a lover of music, Really Doe explains growing up across the street from a dj heavily influenced this.   The DJ would sell him mixtapes of music that hadn’t even been released yet.  Using all his allowance to support his musical habit, he was unaware of how priviledged he was.  It wasn’t until high school that he began freestyling.  He is a lover of all genres of music also and would in the future to be fortunate to work with artists like Gwen Stephani, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Beyonce’.  The release of his debut album First Impressions, is like showing the world his heart.  This new sound is his character, his life, and explains him as an entertainer.  He is the “Real Deal” .  He is Really Doe.


When you are raised as a preacher’s kid, the burden of expectation bestowed upon those labeled PK’s can be overwhelming. For young, gifted and blessed musician, producer

and entrepreneur PJ Morton, there were no such obstacles known as labels. The only expectation he conformed to was following his own heart and dreams to fully discover his gift and love for music. Over the years the accomplished New Orleans native set himself apart to create melodic stories of love and life as he worked with India. Arie, Erykah Badu, Jermaine Dupri, Monica and LL Cool J. Now with his own fifth album release on S.O.S. Music entitled Walk Alone, PJ continues to share his heart, experiences and stories with the masses.  Walk Alone is a deeply personal album entirely written, produced and performed by PJ. The highly anticipated concept album symbolizes the breadth of PJ’s self-expression as well as his creative choices with music beyond the confines of labels. “In the state of the world I feel alone because of the way I choose to do music with true instrumentation.  Creating stories and lyrics with meaning feels like a minority not a majority.” Born into a musical and ministering family as the middle child and only son of Bishop Paul S. Morton, PJ’s journey has always reflected his desire for self-discovery and introspection.  “My father and family always allowed me to be me, and music was my outlet for creativity.”  Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is also the founding,presiding Bishop of one of the fastest growing ministry movements in America, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.  The prodigy has been playing the piano since the age of 8 and his first song placement came at 15 with gospel group Men of Standard. Simultaneously, PJ became an independent publisher when his father co-signed for the creation of 2PM Music, which represents two Paul Morton’s. Committed to his craft, PJ utilized the proceeds from his publishing deal to reinvest in himself by creating a band, hitting the road and connecting to one fan at a time.  By 2003, the Morehouse College marketing graduate made an indelible mark having won a Grammy Award prior to graduation. He subsequently released his first album with his group Freestyle Nation which fostered a further awareness of major label independence. Describing his music as “soulful pop,” PJ proclaims is a trick answer. Desiring his music to exist where the soul and heart of the music aren’t bound by genres, yet still be palatable to a popular audience. One of PJ’s most soulful creations came in 2002 when the songwriter wrote for India. Arie. “Interested” garnered PJ a Grammy Award for the production of the record. He also penned for gospel singer DeWayne Woods. The testimony PJ articulated in “Let Go, Let God,” catapulted up the charts for a record seventy weeks, rewarding both gentlemen with awards and accolades beyond their own expectations. As PJ recalls, “I knew that was God’s hand on everything because there was such a synergy.”  Synergy has proven to connect PJ with some very talented people. The Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award winning songwriter/producer caught the attention of internationally recognized, Oscar Award winning composer AR Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire). AR tapped PJ the vocalist to contribute “Sajna” to the soundtrack and movie for the Vince Vaughn comedy Couples Retreat, further broadening PJ’s mainstream appeal. Now with four albums and multiple collaborations under his belt, his company Song Of Solomon (S.O.S.) Music is a true representation of PJ’s creative journey.

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