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New Ingredients Added To an Old Favorite

As the end of August approaches, the days get a little shorter, the kids go back to school and the weather gets a little cooler. The tank tops and shorts get traded out for hoodies and jeans. The grill gets put on the back burner to the bonfire pit. And, of course, the lemonades and teas get swapped out for the beloved pumpkin spice lattes.

However, this year some new changes are being made to the favorite fall drink. Starbucks announced last Monday that the pumpkin spice latte will now be made with real pumpkin and without caramel coloring added to it. The new list of ingredients includes: espresso, milk, pumpkin flavored sauce, whipped cream, Starbucks vanilla syrup and a pumpkin spice topping.

Panera Bread also announced that they are also going to be making a “clean” pumpkin spice latte this coming fall. Dan Kish, Panera Bread’s Head Chef, said that their pumpkin spice latte was already being made with real pumpkin and without added caramel flavoring, according to Panera’s press release. This year they are “offering a ‘real pumpkin latte,’ made entirely without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and letting the goodness of real pumpkin, milk and spices do all the work,” said Kish.

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