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Mask Off

I’ve heard many men say, ” I love a woman who is natural, no make-up”. Unfortunately, there is nothing natural about being natural. It is hard work maintaining a glam or non glam look.

For all my glam beauties, thanks for the tutorials. Although the tutorials never work for me ,my MUAs keep me glowing. From matte to glitter , from 20 minutes to an hour, I am completely satisfied. The many different colors of eyeshadows help me explain my mood and my entrance. Bold and bright keeps me creative. Pastel and neutral says I’m ready for a movie and popcorn. If you can remember not to over due it, anything is possible.

For all my natural neutral goddesses, you are a walking billboard for healthy living. People see you and believe if I just drink this smoothie I will look like them. WRONG! A natural glow can range from genetics, to a healthy lifestyle, to thousands of dollars a year on nude make up products. The “natural look” can look natural on camera and horrible in person thanks to social media filters. However, don’t let this discourage you from being a fan.

All in all whether your face is “beat” or just moisturized, glow on. Wax on wax off that facial hair, and once it has been applied, take the mask off. Rock your kind of sexy, Glam or naw!!

Naturally rocking glam,

Coffe’ Iman

Photocred: Chris Knight

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