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LATRICE ROGERS : The Southern Belle Behind The Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Empire

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Photographer: Sterling Photography Hair: Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Hair Stylist: Jazmin Wimberley Stylist: Jeremy Haynes MUA: Corey Rodriguez

Many may ask what is Jackson, Mississippi best known for? Flowers? Food? Southern Charm? Besides being the capital of Mississippi, it is home to celebrities such as Candice Patton from the TV Series THE FLASH, David Banner (rapper/activist/actor), and singer/songwriter LeAnn Rimes. Now you can add another to the list of people to know, Latrice Rogers.

“There were soo many people doing the same thing that I’m doing, and I’m like how am I gonna make myself different? How am I gonna stand out?”

Well, it didn’t take Latrice Rogers long to come up with the answers to these questions. The Belle Collective star began her journey like most of us, unsure what her “it” would be. However, the hair industry fell in her lap. Listening to her instincts, Latrice hit the ground running and started the hair empire Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair.

According to, the hair extension industry in 2021 is valued at $5.8 Billion and very competitive. However, Latrice thought outside the box and started selling hair bundles out of the trunk of her car. Most people complain about the ups and downs of their first year of business, but not Latrice. Her ambassadors and investors were in love with her product and made sure everyone knew just how much. Word of mouth, in this case, was faster than the speed of light. Before she knew it, she was making six figures with a continuous line wrapped around the local Target parking lot.

“If this amount of people will come to you in a parking lot, imagine if you have storefronts.”

The beginning of the movement started. Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair continued to grow rapidly. The success was unbelievable but well deserved. Opportunity repeatedly knocked for Latrice. Not only did she have a storefront, but she also set up numerous vending machines where her clients could purchase hair. The vending machines were in malls as well as college campuses. The quiet girl from Jackson, Mississippi, was starting to get noticed.

Latrice was approached to appear on OWN’s reality tv series called Belle Collective. Belle Collective centers on the personal and professional lives of five successful, glamourous boss women who are redefining what it means to be a southern belle in Jackson, Mississippi. Hesitant to say yes, she decided to do what was best for business. She believed that letting others see how things go in business and being a representation for younger women was important.

We were intrigued by how this pivot in her life emerged into this empire. One word: marketing. Latrice now only had huge support from her ambassadors. She used social media, interns, billboards, and effective networking. She exemplifies what loving what you do looks like. Creating a standard for business attracts others to your light, and Latrice Rogers is definitely shining.

She recently released an e-book called Oh My Goddess: Luxury Hair & Vendor Guide. The book gives clear instructions on how to choose your products, a list of vendors, and even includes her blueprint to how she got started. Latrice explains how she receives soo many requests to mentor. Unfortunately, she hasn’t much free time to instruct others effectively. Giving her supporters the information in the form of an e-book is the next best thing.

Latrice balances her company and her personal life with ease.

“With me, and every relationship is different, my husband is a workaholic as well. When you have someone that is on the same level as you, it balances out.”

She expresses how communication is key. She and her husband enjoy the same activities and frequently share their plans for the future.

Despite every obstacle, Latrice kept going. She is currently expanding to retail stores and more college campuses. In addition to the Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair product line, she has also added natural hair care products. We are excited to see the growth of her companies. Her advice to anyone who may have started where she did or feels unsure is to not doubt yourself. Pick that one thing and work on that one thing, she says, until it pans out.

A special thanks to Latrice for the inspiration. She has proven that dedication plus confidence can lead to success. To read more about Latrice Rogers and purchase Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair and products, visit and . If you are interested in interning, email her at Also, follow her on social media at @latricerena and @goddesslengths.


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