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People are born with at least one gift and what you do with that gift should radiate the passionate side of you. Jacci has a special inner gift of bringing thoughts, feelings, colors and most of all love of life onto her canvas. Born on the Westside of Detroit, Michigan and then at the early age of five her family relocated to Washington, DC. Jacci’s love for colors and expressing her feelings on canvas started early as well, from crayons, to pencil drawings, to water colors, to acrylics. By the time she was nine her family relocated once again to the Maryland area where her focus on her lifelong dream to be an artist to express her reality. After high school she enrolled into Maryland College of Art and Design, where she earned an Associate Degree. Her creative artistic skills even spanned into the field of hair styling. She acquired a cosmetologist license and became an entrepreneur, co-owning and managing salons when she was living in Maryland. Finally now living in Atlanta, Georgia, she has launched her own company “JacciArt Studio” where she is now making her mark. Jacci’s use of vibrant colors, artistic imagination and background brings to the canvas the raw grit of urban life through a woman’s eyes. A true to life artistic vision.

JACCIART STUDIO 5819 Campbellton Rd. Ste.#108-106 Atlanta,Ga. 30331 1-877-235-8666

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