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Is “Work” a 4 Letter Word in Your House?

Over the years, I watched my mom go from a Jewel Osco cashier, to Bank Teller, to a home Loan Officer. At the end of her life she was making more than 90k. If it wasn’t for that damn colon cancer, I’m sure she would have clocked that 6 figures before 40. That’s pretty damn good for a single mom of three with no college degree.

Hands down my mother was the ultimate hustler. Honestly, many of the single mothers I know are driven on a level of purpose regular folks will never understand. They feel like they have to do the work for the absent parent. I imagine that’s exactly how my mom felt. I learned the true value of WORK from her. I can’t ever remember my mother not working. Her motto was, “If you want it, work for it.” Something I still live by.

When she made the decision to buy a home I remember it vividly. She told me and my younger brother we would have to stay with our Grandmother while she saved money. She moved into a studio apartment close to her job. I now understand that she needed to work multiple jobs to save money and wanted to be sure we were with a trusted relative while she worked non-stop. There is nobody more trustworthy than Granny.

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