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Hashtagging is the use of placing the number sign (#) in front of a word. It makes it easier to search content and information that use the same word or category. Hashtagging has become a new form of advertising. Though subtle at times it keeps others on the same page discussing the same topic.

The origin of the hashtag has never been truly determined but the initial use of it on Twitter created a wave for the next generation. Every social media network has used it to classify topics and grouped together any message with the use of a word that has been hashtag.

So why do we suggest that it is taking over the advertising world? A large percentage of material on the internet that includes the use of the hashtag are viewed over 50% more than other material. It creates a focus group within in each social media outlet. Your demographics are just a pound sign away.

#youwishiwasyourbabymamanope is from the lyrics of a Beyonce song. Phrases, lyrics, names, and titles have all been promoted by the use of the hashtag. Why is subliminal messaging suggested? Subliminal means existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual. The phrases or words that used are often bold and frequent. Without even knowing you are having a discussion about what has been hashtag and is now trending. Now you are creating opinions which in turn makes these subliminal messages apart of your life.

It also creates awareness. Many have a short attention span and love the idea of the categories the hashtag creates. Say you are searching for info and opinions of others about cancer. Search #cancer and now you are able to network with others about the info they are sharing. Is the information true or false? Well this is the internet. The decision is yours to do quality control about the information you are receiving. Just remember to research and depend on reliable sources. In meantime, have fun.

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