Featured Artist - Venomiss

Written by: Deryk 'Batho' Gibson

Without a shadow of a doubt, Venomiss is able to deliver yet again. Her capability shows a strength that has been built in the music industry for so many years. The endurance to withstand trials through the game is what she explains in her new music video "Visions". Even so, she remains humble enough to touch basis on only the tidbits. At some point it is only right to anguish so it takes a special kind of artist to continue on without a visible scratch. In her first verse she begins by separating herself from others; explaining a difference that seems to get overlooked. Why does authenticity seemingly take a backseat to the gimmick? She writes her own music, curates her own promotion, creating her own business deals and then some. Makes one want to define “fair playing field”. Verse two addresses more from the opposer. One day they hate you and the next day they love you but why is it that this form of vex cannot seem to break you? Despite all there is still a #VISION and what's foreseen makes her more Venomiss.

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Venomiss IG: https://www.instagram.com/itsvenomiss Esoteric Elegance IG: https://www.instagram.com/esotericelegance

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