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April Sutton – Sutton Strong

What inspires you live a healthy lifestyle?  My family history inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle. Just to name a few examples, diabetes, heart failure, breast, skin, prostate cancer & high blood pressure. It’s actually rubbed off on my family members. I’ve trained my aunt & uncle. My mother wants me to train her soon. Ill be training my younger brother for his first bodybuilding competition come Jan!

When did you know that personal training would be something you would have a passion for? I actually was trained for a month by a natural bodybuilder. It was a great foundation that got me into training. My friends & family started to notice great changes happening to my body. Then I all of sudden I was getting request for trainer & I wasn’t even a trainer yet! I loved the questions & the advice I was giving! I had found my niche.

How often do you go to the gym?   I go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week. I do a lot of strength training & plyometrics. When it comes to train for my competitions, I do two a day.

In high school did you do any sports?  I played basketball, tennis, and track & field during high school.

What is one thing you do or say to make people comfortable training with you?  I joke & smile when it comes to a new client to train. I break the ice. I ask them a lot of questions to get to know their lives better.  My clients tend to stick with me for years if we have a friendship as well as a business relationship.

Have you competed in any pageants? If so which ones?   I’ve never competed in any pageants, but I do fitness competitions.  I’ve competed in NABBA & Musclemania.

Why is so important for you to teach a healthy lifestyle?   It’s so important to teach a healthy lifestyle because there are so many people overweight, unhealthy, insecure, dying, diseased & etc. I think of myself as a superhero changing & saving lives one day at a time. It’s like paying it forward. If I spread my healthy lifestyle to others they will spread it to many more. The obesity rate went down 1% in the U.S which is great news for me. I must be doing something right! Haha

Could you please share one important tip to those that would like to start getting in shape? A tip for those that want to get in shape is to set a realistic goal. Goals that seem so far away can get discouraging right away.

What is your favorite workout? My favorite workout is plyometrics. It’s a form of explosive exercise. Designed to produce fast & powerful functions of the nervous system. It’s just something about it when I do it. All muscle groups can be targeted.I feel like Im an advance athlete once Im done with the workout.

What is your least favorite workout?  My least favorite workout is stretching. It’s so slow & boring.  There is a great purpose to it & everyone should do it however. I like to do workouts that shows a lot strength & that is not one of them.

Tell us about Sutton Strong:  Sutton Strong is my superhero fitness alter-ego. When I get up & start the day, I truly ask myself whose life will I change today? When you think of a super hero, you think of someone good fighting against evil. Having the power of transforming someone’s body is a huge responsibility. I honestly give my life to others. I’ve been expanding my social networking to spread on to others how having a healthy lifestyle is so important. If I can do it, you can do it too!

Name two people that you admire the most?  The 2 people I admire the most is both of my parents. Ilene Sutton & Richard Sutton. I admire them for the sacrifices they have made for their family. They are very wise & compassionate people. They worked their butts off & it shows in me now.

What music do you like to listen to when you are working out?  I have a universal play list of music for different types of workouts. If I’m doing cardio, I’ll actually listen to house music or techno. If I’m doing heavy lifting, I’m listening to some hardcore rap.  I listen to Kanye, Jay Z & Drake on repeat the most.

How can someone go about training with you?  Someone can go about training with me either by email, facebook, referral or just a simple phone call.

What is your twitter/facebook?  Follow me @suttonstrong or like my Facebook page Suttonstrong.

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