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COFFEA - ISH : "You Can't See Me"

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I love seeing wrestling culture take over pop culture.

I’m a wrestling fan. John Cena, of WWE fame, has been doing the, “you can’t see me” 👋🏽😌gesture/taunt for years, and people loved it…Or hated it. It’s cool to me to see people bracing that braggadocios behavior.

Apparently, Caitlin Clark, of Iowa NCAA Women’s Basketball, did the gesture during NCAA Women’s Basketball season. No one had an issue. It wasn’t considered classless. Then, Angel Reese, of LSU NCAA Women’s Basketball, did it, as a response to Caitlin, and now, it’s a problem? No matter when you do it, telling your opponent, you can’t see me, is a taunt. It’s a celebratory gesture against your opponent, proclaiming, “I’m better than you”, And, “You can’t compete with me.”

It doesn’t matter if you do it to the opponent's face or not, It’s still taunting your opponent.

With that being said, people can’t pick and choose when “Taunting” is an issue.

You want to talk about class? Was it classy when Caitlin did it? Anytime in the season? What was the difference? Caitlin was Taunting as well. She hit a three-pointer and then did the gesture, as to imply, “Hey, opposition, You couldn’t block my three-pointer, because my skills are superior to yours.”

What I’ve learned with taunting or even, “celebrating too early” is, don’t do it, because, that can put a battery in your opposition's back, meaning, that taunting before the game is officially over, gives the opposition the energy or motivation to want to come back in full force, in an attempt to beat you. From a logical standpoint, why would anyone want to give someone extra energy? To that point about giving someone an extra boost, what I’ve also learned about taunting is, if you don’t want your opposition taunting, guess what? Just shut them up, by you going out and getting the win.

John Cena, the innovator of the, “you can’t see me” gesture, has 16 championships, which is tied with Wrestling Hall of Famer, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, who coined the phrase/taunt, “Wooooooooo”.

Both Ric Flair and John Cena, taunted all their opponents, especially when they won. The way I see it, as a “pro wrastlin’” fan, like the great Ric Flair said, “to be the MAN, or woman, you have to beat the man or woman. Wooooo.”

All season long, Caitlin Clark was, the woman, winning games and doing the, you can’t see me, and then Angel Reese shut her up. If Caitlin or any Iowa fans are mad, then, from a taunting energy standpoint, just come back next year and win it all. That will shut everyone up, and then, as a champion, Caitlin, and Iowa fans can taunt all they want.

At the end of the day, If you don’t want anyone taunting you, don’t put that taunting energy out there, but, also, if you are taunting anyone, anytime, make sure you can back it up.

I’m not mad at any of this, because, Triple H, currently Chief Content Officer of WWE, and 14 Time World Champion, is my favorite wrestler of all time, and he had the best taunt of all time. I’ve got TWO words for you. If you know you know.


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