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When Is It Not Safe?

Residents of Flint, Michigan having been facing major health issues due to the water contamination.  However, the state seems to think that the water shown above is safe?  CNN reports:

“Gov. Rick Snyder announced the number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease has spiked in Genesee County in the two years since Flint switched its water supply from the Great Lakes to the Flint River.”

The residents have also reported that every since the change that the tap water looked and smelled funny.  They were told to keep calm and that the water was safe to use daily.  Unfortunately, the numerous reports of increase lead levels in the children of Flint have proven the state wrong.  The residents continue to suffer and the only solution so far has been to continue to supply them with test kits and bottled water until someone takes action.

Visit the City of Flint website for more info.

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