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Tips On Manifesting Positivity

Having the ability to manifest positivity is a skill that can be difficult to have in today’s world, but it is possible for us to dig deep and find the things that drive us to live a life of fulfillment. Many of us are worn out, as we spend so much time just trying to take care of our basic needs. COVID tested the best in all of us as we struggled to reinvent our lives as the world came to a standstill. Now, with the constant stream of news showcasing the terrors of the state of the world, social media forcing us to compare ourselves to others, and the rising prices of basic necessities, it’s no wonder why we are struggling to make it through the day. We are overstimulated by the countless things going on around us, and we are forgetting a key factor in happiness and positivity: living in the moment.

Manifesting positivity can come in many forms. I’ve found that when you love yourself and those around you, remain present and surround yourself with uplifting individuals, your mindset will follow through. A receptive and happy mind will guide you towards positivity. For some people, a hobby such as journaling, meditation, and exercise can help you to clear your mind from the chaos the world can bring into your lives. Quieting your mind and setting your intention to remain present is essential.

Having a positive mindset will change your life. Suddenly, going to the grocery store after a long day of work is no longer a chore but an opportunity to gather nutritious ingredients for your body. A cup of coffee in the morning is no longer just a tool to wake you up in the morning but a delicious treat, and waking up in the middle of the night to soothe your crying baby is not a chore but an opportunity to bond and provide comfort. By changing the way you think about your life, you may just realize you’re living the dream.

Remember that you’re the one who creates positivity in your life. When you make small changes in your daily routine to reflect the way you want the world to be, you’ll notice that it truly changes everything. Smile at strangers, do something kind for your partner, and reach out to your family and friends when you’re thinking about them just to say hello. Take the time to look at the blue sky and admire the chirping birds. Enjoy the fresh smell of rain. When you allow yourself the freedom to acknowledge the experiences you have every day, you’ll realize that more great things will come your way.

Manifesting positivity is a habit. Like any habit, it’s built by making small changes every day in order to accomplish a goal. Changing your identity is the biggest change that you’ll undergo, as it changes your belief system, self-image, and how you see the world around you. James Clear writes this perfectly in Atomic Habits, “Many people begin the process of changing their habits by focusing on what they want to achieve. The alternative is to build identity-based habits. With this approach, we start by focusing on who we wish to become.” In order to solidify positivity in your life, you must change your outlook. You have to want to become a positive person rather than just someone who is searching for it.

Positive thinking alone will not give you the results you’re looking for. Manifesting positivity comes from what you make of your life. It comes from changing perspectives and appreciating the things you have. Take time to clear your head from the stresses of the world and remember that where you are in life is okay; we each have lives that we should be grateful for. Love yourself and the people around you, and appreciate what you have and the situations that arise. Finding positivity is inside all of us when we realize it’s already there.

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