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Prep Curry Looks to Make Impact in Fashion Industry for Black Designers

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

From sewing and selling pocket squares and bowties in his apartment to having a collection in an iconic American store: Prep Curry has accomplished goals that are often not reached by African-American fashion designers.

In March of 2021, Fashion Designer and Creative Prep Curry made history as the first African-American designer to partner with Banana Republic for an exclusive capsule collection. For Curry, it was a dream come true, as many items in the collection sold out within a few days of the release. As the first partnership of Banana Republic's promise to highlight and work with more black creatives, it showed the possibility of what can happen for brands that realize the talent and perspectives that black creatives bring to the table.

For Prep, this was a dream that came to fruition after years of hard work. After relocating to Los Angeles to live his dream as a fashion designer, he stepped out on faith with only $6 to his name. That dream has come with much sacrifice, yet Prep always kept a positive outlook while working towards his goal of becoming a household name; even when being homeless multiple times and having doors slammed in his face. Many would have given up on their dream, simply because the path to be discovered as a fashion designer is hard, but it's even harder as a black fashion designer. "Like many industries, they will take ideas from us or our cultures, but will never give us the credit or payments that we deserve," says Prep regarding the lack of designers of color in the mainstream fashion industry.

Before working on the partnership with Banana Republic, Prep created custom looks for many members of Hollywood. His work has been seen on many celebrities and influencers including Lance Bass, Jermaine Dupri, Amanda Seals, Tank, Elise Neal, Brandy, Sherry Shepherd, and Ray J. Now, as Prep continues to make marks in the industry, he looks to also help with the next generation and upcoming black designers.

Between working on his upcoming fall collection and next big projects, Prep is looking to make an impact in the lives of creatives that look like him, by mentoring up-and-coming designers. "I'm always looking to motivate others and to show them that anything is possible," he says of when people reach out for private sewing lessons or just to ask if they should continue on their path of living their dreams. Prep is living proof that with hard work and consistency, everything will fall into place right when you think it won't.

Photos: Banana Republic

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