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Pilates Isn’t For Black Folks…

Pilates isn’t for black folks…

What do you think when you hear Pilates? Most people of color are intimidated, skeptical or turned off to Pilates. Pilates is absolutely amazing and is a great way to gain self awareness and reach fitness goals.

As a black instructor I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to my profession but I’m here to explain why our community is where Pilates is most valuable. By incorporating a pilates or yoga class twice a week and changing unhealthy eating habits many of the diseases plaguing black communities can be eliminated.

Pilates is a physical training technique that teaches the muscles to move the bones in the most efficient way. The work is effective for rehabilitation, postural problems and overall fitness. Pilates is practiced on mats against the weight of ones own body or using Pilates apparatuses.

As a fitness program it is a whole body workout that develops long, lean, toned muscles and utilizes full range of motion. A Pilates program will help prevent future risks while performing other types of activities as well as helping gain strength, flexibility, alignment, muscle balance and physical awareness. Refined strength, balance and coordination along with its ability to produce lean physiques has made Pilates popular in the dance community.

Because the body works as one unit in everyday activities we believe the body should be trained as a whole, not broken up into individual parts. Our core, the center of the body (abdominals, buttocks and back muscles) is the force of all human movement. A well-conditioned core is able to provide strength and stability to the body. Many injuries originate from a weak core. By strengthening the weaknesses found at the core you will strengthen the body from the inside out, working deeper and more efficiently.

Pilates deepens breathing, releases tension and increases body awareness while focusing on movement from the inside out. Pilates will help you become aware of your body movements and functions. As you begin to focus on your body as a whole you’ll achieve better alignment and re-teach your body to work most effectively.

Pilates is a journey where you are always evolving. You can constantly improve on precision, balance, body awareness, concentration, control, breathing and so much more.

A consistent Pilates routine will work all muscle groups, help with flexibility, lengthen and strengthen muscles and tighten your core abdominals. You’ll become more aware of your body and deepen your connection with your mind including your limitations, habits and feelings. A mind body connection will also help you figure out what weaknesses you have and what steps you can take to fix them. You learn how to quiet the mind by learning to sit and meditate.

A unique Pilates program will help you feel your absolute best and achieve optimum results. Alisha Pye is the founder of Organic Movement Wellness Foundation where she teaches pilates, yoga, nutrition and holistic health classes. She also an advocate for outdoor adventures for the community. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her wonderful tribe of little humans. She continues to dedicate herself to the betterment of people in underserved communities lead healthier lives through mentoring programs and workshops. Twitter: organicmovemnt Facebook: Organic Movement Wellness Foundation Instagram: Organicmovement 323.546.7828

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