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Jason Harvey Partners with John Byrd-Olivieri to Debut Worldly’s “Eden on Hush” – Collection 001

The evening of March 23, 2022 was filled with fashion, culture, vibes and sexiness. As the room filled, we were graced by entertainment and fashion industry greats, such as, Marjorie Harvey, Q & Sharlinda Parker, Pleasure P, etc. Once the show began, the models tore up the runway with bold color ensembles and fabrics that were accompanied by the theatrical and sexy entertainment of the women of Magic City in Atlanta, GA.

John Byrd-Olivieri , Amanda Harvey , Jason Harvey

Stunning fashion design pieces adorned by beautiful ladies and handsome gents. As the show came to an end we were left with thought & emotion provoking words from Jason Harvey and designer John Byrd-Olivieri. It appears that this will not be the last that we hear from Jason and his legion of fashionistas that are gearing to take the fashion and design culture by storm…for the culture.

With a commitment to spearhead diversity in the fashion industry, Harvey is focused on building partnerships with his community to make brands developed under the Worldly umbrella accessible to a wider audience. Expanding beyond “just” fashion, the brand philosophy is based on positive change and fashion's influence on the world all of which is impactful, thoughtful, and connected.

We had the honor of interviewing Jason Harvey on the motivation behind the creation of Worldly. The interview is set to be released in April 2022. Follow and purchase from the Worldly Collection at . Stay tuned and subscribe to

photos by: Courtney Logan and Rubain Henry

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