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How Coffee Can Boost Productivity

Your morning coffee is more than a gateway to relaxation and your morning ritual. Besides bringing a powerful and efficient stimulant, did you know that it can also boost your work productivity?

The caffeine in coffee gives you enhanced motor and cognitive performance, a short-term memory boost, an increased ability to concentrate and focus, and helps you make the right decisions. Add these to the usual energy and alertness it brings.

The Effectiveness of Coffee

The effectiveness of coffee depends on the dosage, your body type, age, and even sleep. If you rarely drink coffee, you will surely reap the benefits. But what if you are a heavy coffee drinker?

If you are already a regular at your local coffee shop and drink two or more cups a day, the effects are barely noticeable. You may, however, feel like it is working and you are breezing through your workload. But are you sure you are not falling victim to the placebo effect?

Placebo or not, regular coffee drinkers are not exempted from its effects, especially if you have already associated coffee with productivity.


While coffee gives you a dose of caffeine for the day, it can never replace good old-fashioned rest. Coffee is simply there to aid you in your waking hours. Just in case you feel like it is not working, try changing your scenery. Go to a cafe or a park for a productive break. And bring a cup – just in case.


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