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First Name: Tarana

Last Name: Hayes

Company: Beau-T-Zone, Mommies Melodies, and Tarana's Travel Takeover


Introducing Tarana Hayes (T.Hayes) born and raised in Detroit, MI. Youngest of 3, mother of 3 amazing firecrackers, and married to her soulmate Lamar! She is the owner of 3 growing businesses! Dedicated to seeing the ones she loves smile!

Tell Us Why You Got Started: I got thrown into the entrepreneur world officially in 2014. I've always known I wasn't destined to give a company 30+ plus years of my life while being on their schedule as my parents had, but it wasn't until I had children of my own that I figured out how I wanted to do that! My first business was Beau-T-Zone. When the salon I worked for closed, my client still needed me so I would just add gas to my prices. From that, I got deeper into my passions; women and traveling. Mommies Melodies(2018) and Tarana's Travel Takeover(2020) were born.

How Has 2020 Changed Your Business? 2020 has hurt and helped my businesses all in the same breath. On one side income decreased and a lot of plans were put on hold. On the other side of that, with so much downtime I was able to plan, reset, and relax which entrepreneurs don't get a lot of time to do because our plates are so full. Prior to 2020, I thought I was doing good but what I've learned through this year and the help and support of Pure Network ( business support group in Detroit, MI lead by Ebony Cochran) is that I was sadly mistaken! I've been able to lay the foundation better, get organized, plan content for 2021, and gained numerous financial benefits. I am ready and better equipped to continue to run my businesses moving forward. 2020 has been something I didn't know I needed.

Being an entrepreneur is ... bittersweet freedom! It's hard work and it's all depending on you. If I don't get out and handle business, my family doesn't eat! But the freedom of being my own boss is worth the long nights! Being able to be with my family when and how I want vs being at a job 40+ hrs a week is liberating! I don't have to wait for paid time off to go on vacation or miss a school event because I was held up at work! I love it here! 10 out of 10 would highly recommend!

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