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First Name: Maya

Last Name: Mitchell

Company: Ms. Young Homeowner


Maya Mitchell is a vibrant young professional and entrepreneur who is passionate about millennial empowerment, real estate investing. Born and raised in Prince Georges County MD, Maya graduated from Bishop McNamara High School and is a proud alumna of Hampton University where she studied Business Administration and minored in Leadership Studies. Most recently, Maya earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College.

Upon graduating from undergrad in 2015, Maya began working at Accenture Federal Services, where she currently still works full time as a consultant. During her time at Accenture, she has been afforded the opportunity to travel to 14 countries and speak to hundreds of foreign service officers in her role as an overseas deployment trainer. Maya also enjoys traveling the world and is currently enjoying decorating her second home, which recently purchased in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

After purchasing her first home in 2018, Maya created and founded Ms. Young Homeowner - a platform dedicated to inspiring and educating black millennial women to invest in real estate!

Tell Us Why You Got Started: I started Ms. Young Homeowner because of my experience purchasing my home. When I was going through the home-buying process, I didn’t have a resource for other young black women pursuing real estate. It can be such a tedious process, and without proper support and guidance, can feel defeating. I created Ms. Young Homeowner because I wanted other black millennial women to have a go-to place to go for information and resources, but also where they could connect and encourage one another. Ms. Young Homeowner is just that!

How Has 2020 Changed Your Business? 2020 and the COVID pandemic has definitely caused us to pivot with Ms. Young Homeowner! Before the pandemic, we held regular in-person events such as educational workshops, panels, etc. While our presence has been strong online for almost two years, we increased even more on our virtual, digital, and social media efforts, which has been a blessing in disguise! Our Night School IGTV series over the summer was a huge success where we got a lot of great feedback. We’ve also introduced monthly newsletters, virtual events, and other efforts to stay connected with our audience during the quarantine.

Being an entrepreneur is ... Being an entrepreneur is important to me because it means I can create opportunities for myself and others that can lead to shared success. Being an entrepreneur allows the opportunity to leave behind a legacy and pass something down to your children or keep within your family. It offers the ability to not have to trade in your time to fulfill someone else dream, especially if working within the corporate realm or for another company.

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