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Do Female Entrepreneurs Still Desire Marriage and Children?

It’s no secret that being a successful entrepreneur and/or businesswoman can be rewarding yet exhausting at times but what is the real goal of a success-driven female? Has there been a catalaphic shift in priorities as women are finding themselves becoming the largest communities of people to obtain wealth and status during the last five years? Is marriage still even a thing? Or is it a thing of the past? Something hoped for but not willing to acquire at the moment?

According to INC magazine, female entrepreneurs are finding it harder and harder to meet their match as there are no suitable bachelors to coexist with. To the naked eye, successful women have done a marvelous job at exceeding the expectations of marriage. Many of today’s role models who are female are flaunting diamonds on their hands with the exception of the ring finger. Many of today’s women are not waiting for a man to complete them nor are they needing a man to validate them. They are making their own waves and creating their own wealth which kind of leaves little to no room for men at all. Running a successful business and having a family just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for female entrepreneurs who are at the peak of their careers. It’s hard enough being a single mother with children trying to start a successful business. With such demand and pressure put on females to succeed in spaces where dominant male entities leave little to no room for growth, who’s thinking about a wedding gown?

If you ask me, successful women aren’t as concerned about having babies and getting married. The conversation and the intentions have changed. It’s not inclusive to say that all female entrepreneurs don’t have these desires, but we sure aren’t seeing any of them take a walk down the aisle. These days, marriage seems as though it’s an inconvenience to a successful woman. Why stay home and wash clothes all day when you can be out living your best life pursuing your dream career. I think it’s almost safe to say that the idea of marriage and having kids has kind of put a negative spin on society. It’s losing its power due to the context of social media. People are portrayed to love the dating life but don’t seem to get past the first or second date. Dating has become more popular than marriage. Society has lost its concept of what a marriage should truly be which now begins to steer people away from the idea.

After collecting this information, is it a fair assumption that most female entrepreneurs do not desire marriage or having children at this present moment in culture? Female-led brands and businesses popping up every other day. It’s almost as if the narrative of singleness and success is constantly being pushed down our throats. I think that marriage has taken a backseat to successful female-owned businesses and to be honest, I’m okay with that! There’s been enough portrayal of weak and needy females on television and social media. I say, let’s continue to empower and uplift more female entrepreneurs to show young women what it’s like to not need a man for anything!

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