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Creatives and The State of Quarantine - Will Networking Events Cease To Exist?

Quarantine has definitely put a damper on how we function as humans, not to mention as Creatives. Being a fellow creator means that being confined to four walls for hours at a time and day will bring mental and creative exhaustion while trying to show up in the world we live in today. Not only does it bring exhaustion, but it also brings the longing for community. Don't you miss being able to work and create with other creatives and entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and strategies for success together? It's something about a creative environment that keeps the creativity and brain function going. It's actually preferred! What creative person wouldn't want to be around other like-minded individuals? But due to the many issues Covid-19 has presented, do we even want to anymore?

Networking events were a lifeline. They still are, of course, but with the ever-changing Covid-19 guidelines and outbreak, it's hard to feel safe to create. One thing that Quarantine has taught us is how to keep our creativity safe. It's taught us how to savor moments of creativity while building and expanding upon it each and every day. As creatives, we sometimes get the need to put our shit out there in the world, most times prematurely. Quarantine keeps our ideas safe and allows us the opportunity to build self-confidence in our creations.

This pandemic has forced us to shift our creativity in new ways, which is why there are so many community platforms being formed every single day. This is a great opportunity to network inside the house and not have to worry about getting sick. There are many opportunities to be had while networking via online. It offers a broader range of building your network with people all around the world. Local networking is cool but often fails to execute a plan due to the culture of the city you may live in and the fight for power and dominance. Nationwide networking gives creatives the opportunity to be heard from thousands of people and does not limit your reach. Online virtual reality has become a norm for most people anyway, so we might as well get used to it.

Being back outside hasn't become as comfortable yet in letting our creative juices flow freely again. There is some kind of cap on what we can do, and as a creative, this sucks! If we can bring mind-blowing experiences in in-person events, we as creatives should find better and innovative ways to do the same thing online without as many risk factors. Let's hone in on both realities and work to create experiences that shake the world, whether inside or outside. Networking has become a digital necessity as there are many creatives finding ways to meet up and expand their knowledge TOGETHER in a safe and comfortable space.

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