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Coffe' Summers is a rising journalist and media enthusiast from Joliet, IL, whose goal in life is to wake up every morning doing what she loves and helping others do the same. She has an affinity for the arts, and creativity has always helped her move through the world with love and confidence. It drove her to pursue an artistic avenue, but she didn't know where to start exactly. She did know that whatever it would be, it would be centered in media and entertainment.

Over the years, she discovered her passion for media and entertainment through publications such as VIBE, SOURCE, and XXL. She wanted to be part of it. She found enjoyment working as a photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager.  However, there always seemed to be something in the way of her finding her place at an established company, however, so she decided to make her own way. She branched out and worked as a freelancer. She has learned to trust the process in all of its messy glory.

Her self-motivation and drive paid off, and now Coffe' runs her own publication called Coffea. Coffea focuses on the lifestyles of growing entrepreneurs, which can be found at Her desire to explore connections through art brings a lot of new talent to the forefront, where she gives a platform to those that may have been lost in a saturated market. She also has interviewed and covered stories on industry leaders such as Timeekah Murphy, Luxury Law, Lisa Price, Chrishon Lampley, and TJ Jackson. She remains dedicated to increasing platforms for creatives and plays an active role in all aspects of the magazine. From directing to publishing, Coffe continues to push towards creating timeless pieces globally.

You can currently view and hear her interviews on her YouTube Channel;  Email us at for booking inquiries.

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Coffea magazine interviews began in 2009.  Thankful for all of the incredible people that gave me the opportunity to pick their brain about their passion for their chosen profession.  The list includes :

D Smoke, Jimmy King, Lisa Price, Really Doe, Rotimi, Jazlyn Martin, Sammie, Q Parker, James Anthony, PJ Morton, Chrishon Lampley, TJ Jackson, Leon Rogers, Nicole Richardson, Terri White, Nicole Springer, Clif Vmir, Dave (Styles by Dave), Evan Lionel, Jessica Rich, Jameca Bailey, Nathan Fluellen, Judy Jae Nash, Ja'Varis Cotton, Jason Mimms, Tymothe Wallace, Luxury Law, Lez, Vonzell Scott, Dr. Karen Scott, Dr. Natalie Coleman, Felicia Carson , Amber Marie Green / Photographer, Erika Porter, Charmin Bates, Brandon Jerrod, Naim Matthews, Tikiyah Overstreet, Cabryl Chats, Jamaal Scott.. and many more.

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