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Women Be Shoppin’

Of course we shop. Of course we spend money. When you make money , you are entitled to spend it. You may even get lucky one day and have the opportunity to spend it on yourself. Imagine that.

Who has heard the phrase , ” women be shoppin”? Everybody right. Can anyone guess what we shop for? Success? Survey says, ” OF COURSE”. Women shop for food to feed her household, for clothes to get that job or man, cleaning products, medicine, furniture, shoes and clothes, office supplies, equipment for their home business, did I say shoes, …. peace of mind. Newsflash!!! Shopping is not over-rated. Keep in mind most women have an end goal to what others consider to be mindless shopping.

Even when our coins our limited , we manage to save $550 on a $560 purchase by using coupons , credits, BOGOs , and rewards. Get in tune! Yes! Women be shoppin’. But be mindful of those motivated shoppers because they are most likely motivated women on their way to push through various obstacles. Keep it up ladies!! 💖💕☝️🤗

Shopping as we speak,

Coffe’ Iman

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