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Will Technology Replace Creatives

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

From time immemorial, art and creativity have remained an essential part of the human experience. Looking through the history for an accurate study of the evolution of arts is a challenging task and could take a lifetime to accomplish. Over the years, art historians have been able to collage the majority of artists, creatives, styles, and trends under the unique collection of art movements.

According to a German artist, Mario Klingemann, who utilized one of the latest inventions of technology known as Artificial intelligence in his work, there are radical expressions of creativity. In his views, humans are not original, and inventions and connections can only be made on things that can be seen with both eyes. While humans are only experts in building on what has been learned and what others have done in the past, the inventions of machines as a result of advancement in technology will create new things from scratch.

Whether there is a limitation in the creativity of humans or not, it is certainly true that technology such as artificial neural networks has been programmed to rule the world as they go along.

Now, here comes the question. Will technology rule out the creative? In this piece, we’ll be revealing our view on technology and whether it can replace creatives. Let’s get started:

In the present world, the development of technology has given rise to a system where machines do things a human programmer doesn’t expect it to do. For instance, AlphaGo, the AI that defeated the Korean Grandmaster, Lee Sedol, made a move that no human in existence could ever think of making. Some of the algorithms that appear like that of human faces, but they are not faces of anyone that has never existed on earth.

Can Machines Really Rule Out the Creatives?

Is it possible for machines designed by humans to be more creative than the creatives? Can technological advancement do the works of artists in their own rights?

Definitely. Yes, but at some points. Consider the fact that technology has replaced a significant population of humans who engages in many creative professions. In the present world, you won’t need a calligrapher since you can simply download one of the millions of beautifully type-faced fonts from your computer right from the comfort of your home. Even, local photographers are no more relevant for your Christmas or birthday shoots since your iPhone camera and filters can do more than those cameras.

Similarly, you won’t need a graphics design artist to create a presentation for your company since there are numerous free templates to pick from on multiple websites. Incredibly, none of the instances given above even count when compared with Artificial Intelligence. So, if you think AI itself as a form of advancement in technology won’t replace the human creative endeavor will seem that one is suffering from shortsightedness.

Obviously, a piece of art in any form can simply be produced with the help of a machine. Then, humans will be able to access these productions and will be allowed to leave their feedbacks. This feedback will then be utilized when it comes to the improvement of the results in subsequent productions.

There you have it! Perhaps a brief illustration to attest to the fact that technology can replace the creatives in some cases. However, creative jobs have quite become a unique gift to human society. While everything that has benefits also has its own downsides. There are numerous things AI’s can’t do. Such is writing compelling ad copies, detecting novel patterns, and so forth. Humans are proactive, while AI is reactive.

While many are still of the opinion that AI is on the cusp of being able to accomplish all tasks, the simple fact is that it can’t adapt or create things the way humans do. Therefore, it is perfect to conclude that there is an inherent level of human sophistication and creativity required to manage and build upon all forms of technologies. So, technologies won’t replace the creative but only complement it.

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