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Where Does Romance Fit While Chasing Your Dreams?

Finding balance can be one of the more difficult challenges we face in our daily lives as the demand to keep up with a busy world is taxing on us all. Everything is moving at such a fast pace, and it feels as though we may be left behind if we don’t keep up. Thus, allowing ourselves time for what we enjoy outside of our busy schedules can be surprisingly difficult. One thing that’s on many of our minds is: how can we find time to nurture our relationships? This answer is different for each individual. However, there are ways that we can determine how and if romance suits our lives.

In order to understand if pursuing romance is right for us, I’ve found that there are two notions that need to be let go. The first is the idea that we always need to be busy. We are all driven to be hustling all the time due to social norms, so it goes against most of our instincts in the modern world to fight that urge. However, the benefits that arise from allowing yourself the freedom of time are incredible. The moment you allow yourself more time in your day to do the things you love, the more you will find that you’re left with additional emotional energy and thus more opportunities to nurture your priorities. The second notion is that we are all on a timeline that we need to meet. This timeline is an arbitrary idea of where you should be in life: when you should go to college, meet a partner, begin a business or buy a house. The list goes on and on. Realizing that there is no deadline for when you need to accomplish a goal will allow you to go about life at your own pace and focus on what means the most to you. Whether or not the current point in your life includes a relationship is up to you.

For some individuals, chasing your dreams may be the number one priority in life. Aspirations and goals look different for everyone, and determining what you’d like to accomplish in the short and long run will help you understand if and how romance fits. Perhaps you’ll find that you’re better off single or dabbling in casual dating to prioritize your desires and focus on your goals. Others may be in the middle of creating something new for themselves, and perhaps romance isn’t number one on the current list of priorities. Allowing yourself the time to focus on building what brings your dreams to life is a beautiful thing, and the importance of prioritizing is not to be underestimated.

Romance is something that many of us desire, regardless of the goals that are being pursued. These bonds take time and energy to create but can always find a way to prevail even while we balance the rest of our priorities. If you find yourself ready to be involved in a romantic relationship, it is possible for you to continue to build yourself outside of the relationship and focus on your aspirations simultaneously. Creating boundaries will be your best friend. It will help you to schedule time for yourself to work on what’s important to you and help you communicate with your significant other about your priorities outside of the relationship. Reminding yourself of your end goals will help you keep your mind focused while allowing yourself the pleasures of a partner.

Pursuing a relationship and putting in the time to create a worthwhile bond takes a lot of energy, and that energy you put in is what you’ll receive. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer to how romance fits into your schedule. You are responsible for determining your priorities and how romance fits your life based on your needs and desires.

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