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Kevin Hart recently released a Netflix Limited Series called “True Story” and honey we are on the floor crying tears of joy in amazement for how good this series is.

Not only did Kevin Hart deliver superior acting but the story of betrayal and trust made an impact like never before. Mega-actor Wesley Snipes co-starred alongside the actor giving a daring and mysterious performance as he plays the role of his deceptive older brother. Such scenarios include treacherous murder scenes, pleasurable sex scenes, and more to keep your attention span flowing. This series takes you on a wild ride from start to finish with suspense and drama-filled scenarios and situations. You won’t be able to pick up your phone or entertain other distractions because it is that captivating! Kevin Hart gives a hypothetical glimpse into his ultimate star power lifestyle by allowing the viewers to follow him on his comedy tour. We enter the sold-out arenas and follow Kevin and his team around with hectic day-to-day demands all while drama is unfolding behind the scenes. “True Story” gives us insight into what Kevin Hart goes through on a daily basis with obsessed fans, blackmail, trying to dodge and prevent career-ending scandals. Kevin Hart gives an amazing performance on what celebrity life is really like and urges the audience to watch out for the ones close to you. This limited series was not enough as fans continue to rave about it on Twitter and Instagram wanting more. Hopefully, fans get to see another batch of action-packed fun as another series blesses the scene!

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