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The Creation of a New Icon

Preferring to be called Shane Jahi or Jahi to whomever knows him is more than just an artist. He creates images in many different forms. From the canvas to the stage he has proven to be amongst an elite group, even if he doesn’t know it yet. His artwork is very detailed. From pen drawings of Michael Jackson to sketches of Tupac, portraits seem to be his favorite.

Jahi declares himself as a person who enjoys learning from all experiences. He considers himself an entrepreneur by nature and by the definition of the word. However, Jahi finds himself bored by what most consider to be a “regular job”. He believes art in its true form can not have limitations.

Shane Jahi grew up in Denver, Colorado, but for the last 17 yrs of his life he has lived in Illinois. Growing up, his mother would refuse to give him toys to play entertain himself with. She would only give him paper to encourage his creative abilities. His life was surrounded by creative people. His grandmother was a tailor and his uncle was a fashion designer. He was destined to design.

Time moved on and he found himself becoming more motivated and inspired by his surroundings. His family inspiration came from his uncle, Brian Smith, and his grandmother. His outside inspiration came from Prince. He says Prince inspires him musically. His goal is to meet Prince one day and he would do anything to make that happen.

In school, Jahi was involved in drama class. Still becoming captured with art, he decided to find work painting and designing. He found a job doing murals around the city, his hometown at the time Joliet, . He has actually very good. His hard work landed him an opportunity to work on two of them and to design three. Jahi was hired at the age of twelve but because of labor laws he couldn’t start officially working there until he was 17. The group artists was called Friends of Community Public Art. A woman by the name of Kathline Farrow gave him his big break at the time.

Shane Jahi is gifted with many abilities. Art is just something he knows how to do. He cuts hair, he records music, he plays twelve instruments (including the bass, guitar, piano, drums, organ, tuba, sax), he is a tattoo artist, he creates puppets, and of course a painter. Jahi explains how he loves to do things on a whim and hardly ever plans anything. He often also speaks about one day owning a cafe that offers live entertainment. He lives to create.

Most would agree that Shane Jahi is dedicated to art in any form. He focuses on mastering one and moves on to master another. This may seem as if he is not focused. However, each part that he chooses to explore brings him joy. He also finds joy in fatherhood. He has three children; two daughters 9 and 5, and a son that is 8. He tries not to let life and art interfere with fatherhood but it is often very difficult. Jahi wants to be able to leave his mark behind. He wants everyone to know that he lived so he focuses on living for today. He wants to be creative without any limitations.

To find out more about Shane Jahi Jackson or request art pieces, email him at

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