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The Beauty of CiCi

” I put some pics up looking sexy…”  – “I’m Out” , Ciara

Ciara has always been a trendsetter and a fashion designer’s dream.  She makes every choreographer smile when she puts her finesse on their dance routines.  Ciara has in more ways than one proved that she could sale water to a whale.  She consistantly and confidently brings her “A” game to the music industry.  Originally from Austin, Texas , but eventually planted her roots in Atlanta, Georgia, Ciara blew up the stage in 2004.  Ciara changed the game with hit singles like “Goodies”, “1,2 Step”, “Like A Boy”, and “I’m Out”.  She has also inspired many women to go out and get what they want and deserve out of life.  She is an excellent example of what independence looks like.  She leaves a blueprint on how to make positive business relationships, and gives a clear picture of what taking risks can do for your branding.


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