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Never Give Up The number one thing to remember is to never give it.Living your dream may be a long road to travel. Keep motivating yourself until you reach your destination.

Brainstorm a plan Take a piece of paper and jot down all the ideas that you have.  Putting your dream on paper gives you a clearer visual.

Educate yourself Study everything you need to know about your dream. If you educate yourself in your skill the better you will be.

Inspiration What inspires you or who do you inspire? Find the root of your dream and understand why it is so important to you. The major goal is to inspire others as others inspired you.

Experiment Don’t be afraid to try different avenues. Experiment with different ideas to see which one is the must successful.

Tell Somebody Tell someone your plan. If you put a little pressure on yourself it will be harder for you to give up because someone is expecting you to do great things. Create A Team Create a team to help and motivate you. Two minds are always better then one. Team work makes the dream work.

Have Tough Skin When you are approaching success you may run into some harsh critics.  Do not flee from your vision. Keep yourself focused and take good and bad criticism.

Do You Always “Do You” described in Russel Simmons book. Do not copy anyone visions. Embrace your own style, and work ethic that works for you.

Try Again If you run into a road block or something doesn’t work out as planned try try again. To chase a dream will require much trail and error.  Accept your challenges,go back to the drawing board, brainstorm, and try again.

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