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Name one thing that is valued in the adult world. No, it is not a great job, it is credit. Credit can be a scary word especially if yours is not in the best of shape. Coffea magazine had the honor of speaking with Sypreme Essence of Credit Warriors, a credit repair and restoration service. Credit Warriors was specifically designed to teach budgeting, saving, and investing, with DIY methods.

Sypreme Essence is a writer at heart. With the ups and downs of life, she took the initiative to help others correct their lives beyond measure. She teaches them methods to manage their credit. “I wanted to break the generational curse of impoverished thinking and I had to start with myself,” explains Sypreme. Credit Warriors keeps her extremely busy. Her team is made up of her husband, son, and over 11 employees. Remaining hands-on with each client, due to sensitive information, Sypreme oversees all credit repairs. She is not afraid to tell you the truth in order to correct your current situation.

“You can have all the money in the world, but credit is essential to your financial well-being”

Sypreme’s dedication to lead others with financial literacy, she offers a free handbook full of her secrets to credit repair. This guide is a resource that gives instructions on how to repair your credit report on your own. She expresses that she only does credit repair because people usually don’t have time to correct their credit themselves. However, it can be done. She even took the time to give us a few tips.

If someone has purchased your services and you repaired their credit, what happens if they damage their credit again?

They can come back. It happens more often than you think. I have a lot of repeat clients that have come back after two years because I’ve gotten them where they need to be. They were able to buy their house and life happens.

What would be your number one tip for someone who is trying to maintain a good credit score?

Keep your credit utilization between 1 - 10%. Credit utilization is the amount of credit that you are using compared to what the limits are, so you want to keep that very low. You can keep it at 30%, but that will plateau the score so your score won’t move. If you hit 34% of utilization your score is going to drop. If you stay between 1 - 10 % utilization every month your score will jump like Jordan.

What should an entrepreneur do if their business score is not established yet and their personal score is not that great?

They need to make sure that their business is incorporated properly. It is more than just having a LLC. They need a physical address. It can’t be a P.O. Box or a home address. They need an 800 number or some type of landline. They need to have a website and their business should be reporting to 411. They need to be Google verified. They need to make their presence known.

We could continue to fill your lives with pages and pages of the valuable advice Sypreme gave to Coffea magazine. However, we think that it is best that you contact her and Credit Warriors yourselves. Yes, credit repair sounds difficult but for your “financial well-being”, it’s necessary.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the release of new ventures from Sypreme. She gave us heads up on a docuseries coming soon and she reminded us of her free handbook available on the Credit Warriors website, .

For those out there that want to enter the field of credit repair, Sypreme suggests, “Stay transparent. Don’t be afraid to tell people the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t go in extra bougie about it. Be real, be yourself, and the people will come.”

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