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Support Bra

I can’t count how many times I go on appointments or networking opportunities and wish I had a “good luck” to take with me. I can’t say women have it easier, but I often feel the weight of my sacrifice when it comes to creating a lane for my dream. Sometimes I crave for a “you got this” from someone I trust but instead …. crickets.

I refuse to complain about the ability and drive to claim my small victories. I clap, scream, jump up and down for the chance to fail and succeed over and over again. Question: how many people are married or in a relationship , and their mate is their biggest fan? I’ll wait. It is important in this entrepreneurial world to have a little more support than a support bra.

You will come across people who you chose to date that will closet cheer. They appear to have you covered but you still feel like you are carrying all the weight. Support bra. They will speak to you in private about how to improve or congratulate you on how far you’ve come but publicly… crickets. Social media.. crickets. Family… crickets. However, You will find them promoting and vouching for the credibility for those in the same race as you. Don’t get discouraged.

Remember these people may hang close enough to reap the benefits but not close enough to do the work. Be careful. Never stop being you but find real support, a real foundation, or real friends. You’re success will be larger than DDs and a support bra won’t cut it. You will need those who will allow you to blossom. 😉

Be great. Stay true. And in case no one told you today, YOU GOT THIS!!

Push Up Bra Bred,

Coffe’ Iman

Photocred: Nicholas Green

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