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Have you ever been stuck or caught by the rain? You plan ahead and sometimes bring your umbrella in the car. You think ,O it’s not raining yet I’m just going to run in the store. You go in the store and before you get to the check out you can hear a drop or two but nothing bad yet. Then you head to your car. Before you can pull your keys out, you hear the thunder clap and then swoosh. Instant rain.

Well this is how life can hit you. You plan for success by finding employment, you schedule out life by attempting to fall in love, and you stay motivated to live out your dreams in the meantime. You proceed to step out on faith and into the world. But here comes the rain. Bills, unemployment, broken heart, and discouragement. Keep your head up!!

Being stuck is in your head only. Its a temporary state. Yes being stuck in the rain sucks, but it’s only water. These things come without warning and sometimes with no ways to prevent it. So don’t stress. Just keep pushing past the rain. YOU GOT THIS!

My Umbrella’s Up,

Coffe’ Iman

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