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Straight Outta ….

The wave of emotions that the “STRAIGHT OUTTA …..” sign brought to the nation was breathtaking.  On August the 14th the part of the world that pretends that NWA never existed or each member is an icon in their on right , will be educated.  This movie has received nothing but praise OUTTA those who’ve seen it.


The biopic was directed by F. Gary Gray.  They movie is starring O’Shea Jackson Jr, Corey Hawkins, and Jason Mitchell as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre , and Eazy-E.  N.W.A. paved the way for freedom of speech and gave rap life with the ability to be different.  Their followers were able to feel their pain as well as grow up with them.  Don’t forget to hit the theaters this weekend and see how these men came STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON.

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