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Showtime: Chi✶Time - A View From the Inside

On Saturday, September 10th, 2022 at the Harris Theater , we had the honor to take a peak at the marvelous world of TedXChicago. The Harris Theater for Music and Dance is located right in the heart of Millennium Park in Chicago, IL. Upon arriving signs glowed street-side with the words Showtime: Chi✶Time . Each guests were greeted by a host and a flowered-filled TEDX backdrop. This was just the beginning.

The event presented itself in layers. Each floor of the Harris Theater was filled with a part of the program. Top floor: Welcome , next stop: snacks and beverages, one floor down: art gallery and spoken word stage, and the last stop: a gathering area, as well as, the main entree. In the shadows of it all sat the main stage and incredible list of speakers and performers.


  • 3:30 PM: Registration Happy Hour

  • 4:30 PM: Session 1

  • 6:15 PM: Dinner Party

  • 7:15 PM: Session 2

  • 8:30 PM: Celebration

Speakers included; Ertharin Cousin, Dr. Mesmin Destin, Prof. Michael C. Jewett, Juliette Hulsizer & Jenny Just, Dr. Suzet M. McKinney, Dr. Prof. Manijeh Razeghi, and Mike Strautmanis. The event also included performances by; Christopher LeMark, Nico Rubio, Jenn Freeman, Po'Chop, Deepti Vempati, Snigdha Sur, Keila Strong, Paarshav Shah, Dee “TrendeeRocks” McElroy, Estefania Galvan, Sahr Ngekia, Ivan Vazquez, Troy Moy, Zhazha Casanova, Sarob Ali, Michelle Zamora, Adrian Tenorio & Daniela Leon Ossa, Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood, K Love The Poet, Tonja “Ajonra” Thigpen, Kao Ra Zen, and Tobalase Apata.

After the first session, the dinner party began. Each moment was filled with a different presentation on each floor. You had the option of enjoying dance performers, spoken word artists, and artists with their works of arts displayed within the gallery. The dinner ranged for jerk chicken to a complete vegan cuisine served in an eco-friendly container. The event supported a covid-free vibe and encouraged the use of masks and hand sanitizers. We've never felt so comfortable and at ease to network.

The building was filled with experts from each field on and off the stage. Not one moment was unaccounted for. What an enjoyable evening! Do not forget to check it out next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Special thanks to Andrea Thompson for the invite and TEDXCHICAGO for the experience.

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