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Say Cheese

I LOVE pictures. I used to be a fan of all still media until I discovered the power photography has. From the news to a simple yearbook the photographer has the power to shape your emotions. Could it just be the lighting?

Of course it was the lighting, the colors used, the age of the imaging , and most likely the details. Now before the super technological phones only photographers with very expensive cameras could achieve this level of power. But now the power belongs to the masses. The public and those who have no love for photography are toying with our emotions.

You see with every click for a selfie and every click of a dinner plate, the non-photographer gives us an invite into their daily emotions. Is this dangerous? Is it possible to know the difference? It is probably not dangerous but it will continue to grow. All I ask is you , yeah you, with the camera phone respect the ones behind the lens. This world we choose to enter is not a hobby, it’s a career and a very intense dream.

Say cheese,

Coffe’ Iman

Photocred: Rosalind Chang

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