With only three major songs released nationwide within a 1-year period, Rotimi has done what few independent artists can only dream.   Born and raised in New Jersey, Rotimi Akinosho, became driven by his love for music.  As he gears up to drop his debut project, “The Resume,” singer/songwriter, Rotimi is ready to make his mark. Driven by passion for music and his knack for knowing how to engage his fans – it is no wonder why Rotimi has quickly become the much-buzzed-about R&B newcomer. After several years of growing as an artist and perfecting his writing skills, “The Resume” is undoubtedly a great introduction to a multi-faceted artist who has slowly cultivated a devoted fan base – awaiting the release.

Rotimi Akinosho makes his acting debut portraying Darius in the STARZ Original series “Boss.” He came to an open audition in March 2011 in Chicago for the role and from his first reading, captivated Safinia and Van Sant with his naturalness in front of the camera and his ease at handling complex dialogue. What was startling to the filmmakers was that they discovered his “Boss” audition was Akinosho’s first acting audition.

1. Having found your voice at 15, what gave you the vision and drive to turn it into a career? I think after I won the Apollo competition. I realized that I could pursue a career in entertainment.

2. Did you find it difficult balancing school and performing? Did you feel there would be a time when you would have to choose? Absolutely, most people focus on music full time and here I was at Northwestern University trying to balance the rigorous curriculum and recording music.

I decided to sacrifice the college experience and whenever I had free time I would utilize it for music.

3. Although you were in theatre, how did it feel gaining a role on a major network? A dream come true! When I was casted I thought back to my college theatre days and how it aided me landing my first role on “Boss”.

4. How is it working with such an experience actor as Kelsey Grammer? So Amazing!! His work ethic is inspiring. Being in his presence and getting advice from Kelsey really helped me out. I became a sponge studying my cast mates, using this opportunity to become a better actor!

5. Who are your inspirations when it comes to your singing? Michael Jackson, Ron Isley, Boys II Men and the list goes on! All introduced me to R&B. Also, when I was young my parents played Garth Brooks and Bob Marley’s music, which has played a huge part in my song writing.

6. When you first met Jay-Z, what was going through your mind and what did you learn from that experience? At the time I was in a musical group with his nephews. We were called NBH “Natural Born Hustlers”. We actually were very good haha. But Jay always wanted to hear our new music and felt like it was his duty to mentor us. He told me that my voice was very powerful.

7. How would you describe your sound? My focus on authenticity separates me from the pack. I believe that every record has its own REAL individual story that people can relate to. I strive to sing/perform with passion every note and kill every stage I perform on.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Movies? Being a respected figure, Inspiration to many, Movies, Grammy Awards, Oscars there is just so much to accomplish and with God’s good grace it will all happen.

I will give you one word and you tell me the first word that comes to mind: A. Love….. Passion B. Family…..Love C. Success….Hard work D. Obama….Great E. COFFEA….Amazing

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