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How many of you guys remember that episode of A Different World where Whitley went to therapy about her life decisions and her love life?  The therapist was played by Debbie Allen.  Her advice to Whitley was to recite these three words.. RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE.  Well, every now and then I actually use those tips.  The summer time is a time of reflection for me.  July especially.  July is actually the “January” of the second half of the year for me.  A period to start all over.

So try these things and see if that is helpful;

  1. Relax:  Take deep breaths and make time for yourself.  It’s needed whether you believe it or not.  If you cannot find a quiet place , try the bathroom.

  2. Relate:  Connect the problems you are dealing with currently to those you have faced in the past.  Also connect or draw inspiration from others.

  3.  Release:  Let it go. You cannot continue to cry over spilt milk. So just stop.

Currently on Number 1,

Coffe’ Iman

photocred: Anna Demianenko

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