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Pulling Teeth

Like I’ve said a billion times, getting people to read things that are important is like PULLING TEETH!  COFFEA focuses on placing pride back in the community.  For example, you are a hard-working single father.  You spend day in and day out pursuing your dreams, writing novels.  However, you feel as if your hard work is not appreciated.  COFFEA magazine hears of your story from a friend and feels that you are truly an inspiration because it is harder to do the right thing and stay self motivated.  They decide to do a cover story on you and a brief interview to let their readers know where they can read some of your material.*  So you call everyone to tell them that you are feature story and where to pick a copy up.  Because of the exposure, you begin to have actual book sales and a network of people giving you advice on grants given to single fathers.

COFFEA recognize that fame can be characterized by your sense of pride and the effect you have on people’s lives.  No need to be in tabloids or the crime blotter section of the local newspaper.  Get your flowers while you are still here.  If you start taking pride in everything you do, you begin to take pride in your community.  Now how many teeth do we have to pull.

*Placing pride back.

Believing in you,

Coffe’ Summers, owner/ founder

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