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Product Alert - Homebody Essentials

As entrepreneurs, it is difficult to find time to research products that could help us unwind. So here is a product alert. Check out Homebody Essentials by Trinae' Florencia. She has created a line of coconut soy-wax candles and other home essentials. Featured she has Sunday Mornings ( White Tea + Bergamot ) and Simple Pleasures ( Jasmine + Tonka), just to name a few.

Once you have visited the site be sure to shop and take notes. Click an item of your choice. There is a complete guide on what's included in the product, the proper use, and what vibe that particular product gives. If you have already purchased from Homebody Essentials, feel free to give us feedback on your favorites. Follow and connect with Trinae' Florencia and Homebody Essentials to remain updated on the latest.

"I pray every product you purchase helps you create your own feel-good vibes. With a new home and body products arriving soon, I look forward to homebody essentials being your go-to shop for feel-good luxury home essentials." Trinae' Florencia

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was my desire to want to create a better life for myself and my future family. The goal is to create something I can pass down to my future children, create a legacy for my family while shining my light on the world. 

Instagram: @homebodyessentialsbytf

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