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NEW SERIES ALERT!! JADED Productions partners with Tough Love Series YouTube Channel to launch a new original pilot that takes a look into what Black millennial men are going through in their everyday lives.

PREMIERING ON Tough Love Series

YouTube Channel as a part of their new series

on 3/3/21 at 6pm PST/9pm EST

Check out the trailer below.

The backdrop of the dramedy Misunderstood takes place in Carson, Ca, a city where many of its residents are middle-classed black families, children attend private schools and everyone knows you by name. Heartthrob, platinum singer/songwriter Sammie “Sammie” Lee Bush Jr. makes his acting debut as the lead character Noah, an average black man who is nothing like the stereotypes shown in the media. He tries to navigate through life as normally as possible but still faces drama in the workplace and within his romantic relationships. He does his best to live up to his dream of a Cosby show lifestyle without having to work twice as hard as his white counterparts, but appears to be failing miserably.

Join the cast March 3, 2021 on YouTube to learn more about the debut of Misunderstood. Also follow the cast on Instagram for more updates on the series.

Sammie Lee Bush Jr - @sammiealways

Shenika Travis - @oh_shenika

Brandon Anthony - @mrbrandonanthony

Miles Brock - @siirbrock

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